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Being Jesus to all God’s People – You may have heard Pastor Jeff’s message a few weeks ago about being welcoming to all God’s people. Last week he illustrated several of those points in a powerful way by having those in attendance share perspectives while standing in the chancel area.


At the November Congregation Meeting, it was suggested the church widen our concern for people with disabilities and learn what else we should consider. In response, we reached out the ELCA Synod office in Chicago and had Ms. Rachel Bauman, Program Director, Disability Ministries; join us at our February Council meeting.


She toured our facility. We asked what she recommended as next steps. We have a lot to share. We have a lot to do.  We will continue to be salt and light to the world.   Several information sesions will be held to provide feedback and pass along what we learned.  Feel free to attend any of the following 20-30 minute time slots:


·        Saturday, March 18, after the service

·        Sunday, March 19, before the service

·        Saturday, April 1, after the service

·        Sunday, April 2, after the service