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The church will host Family Promise 1 more time in 2018.  Please see the schedule below for dates.  The week runs from Sunday evening upon their arrival, to the following Sunday morning upon their departure.

October 7th

New dates for hosting in 2019.  Mark your calendars and lend a hand. 

January 27

April 21

June 2

October 13


Program Coordinators

• Eric Mohney

• Chuck Heindrichs

Family Promise is a non-profit, non-denominational organization for

families in transition in Lorain County. The program brings shelter,

meals, and support services to families without homes. Family Promise

works with social service agencies to insure that families considered for

the program are not involved in drug or alcohol abuse, do not have a

mental illness or are not running from an abusive situation. All guest

families must involve children. The typical family may have suffered

from an event such as a plant closing, the loss of a job, a foreclosure or

loss of a living arrangement. Currently, the average stay in the program

has been less than 45 days.