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 Events coming up sponsored by One Purpose

“Wiggle Beach” will be open for families with small children that would like to still be involved in the service but need a short break from the sanctuary.  We encourage families and children to participate in worship. Children learn about worship and faith by being involved, and we hope this area will provide another option to make it easy to stay engaged with the service.  Thank you to the One Purpose Team for their work in making this a reality. 

What’s Your Purpose? Ours is three in one, and one in three: family, fun, and faith. That’s our One Purpose. (We kind of have a trinity of purpose!)


Who are we? We are One Purpose. We are several members of CELC who have come together with the goal of strengthening our church family, having fun, and putting our faith into action. We want to get to know our fellow congregation members better. We want to have fun doing that, and then we want to build that fellowship into fun ways to put our faith into action.


We’ve decided to focus initially on the ideas and concerns of youth and young adults. We want to create an environment that makes kids, teens, and young adults comfortable. We want them to know they are integral members of our community, and that we value their ideas. We want to create fun activities based on their ideas, and we want to develop opportunities to put faith in action based on their concerns for both our local community and the wider world.


Questions? Want to know more? Talk to one of us. We are: Karen Lecorchick, Barb McCain, Heather Nordman, and Anne Paine.